Quake Patches

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Necro33 An interesting little patch which allows you to zoom your view in for sniping and stuff like that, but the key configuration is screwed up big-time.

GL Quake It's good old fashioned Quake, but wait, is that transparent water I detect? What about coloured lighting? By Gum, it must be GL Quake. Allows Quake to use a 3D Card. (NOTE: Works with a Matrox Mystique at 0.3 frames per second, trust me, I've done it!!)

Win Quake Pretty damn good actually. Allows Quake to use Virtual Memory (I think) and DirectSound under Windows '95, check out the INFORMATION section for the FAQ.

Willie the Spider A very well done patch, it changes all the Hell Knights into little spidery gits. They're much easier to kill and look brilliant. Watch out for the ranged attack though!! (NASTY).