Redwood's WinQuake FAQ

This page is designed to help with the most common WinQuake questions so you should look here first for any information you want. Secondly, check the excellent readme for any problems you might have or things you do not see here. If you think there is a question/answer that should appear here or have exhausted all sources of information, please e-mail me. If the answer to your question is in the text file or on here, you're message will promptly be deleted. I get a lot of e-mails and I do not have the time to answer questions that people asked because they're too lazy to look for the answer. I'd much rather spend the time on updating the page or real life(TM). This document will be updated/expanded as I see fit/receive more information. Also, don't expect me to have an answer/solution to every problem.

1. What is WinQuake?

From the readme: WinQuake (WQ) is a native Win32 version of Quake, and will run on either Win95 or Windows NT. It is just a port of DOS Quake. It does not offer net play enhancements like QuakeWorld does. QuakeWorld is very different from WinQuake. The only thing they have in common is that they are Win32 apps.

2. Do I have to have the registered version of Quake to use WinQuake?

No, WinQuake will work just as well with the Shareware version of Quake.

3. What version of Quake is WinQuake?

WinQuake itself is currently on version .992 (unsupported public release) but it is version 1.07 Quake and thus has fixes since 1.06 to the main Quake code.

4. Can I record a client side demo? How do I do that?

Yes, the problem in Quake 1.06 where you could not record a client side demo has been fixed. To do this, you must not be connected to the server when starting to record a client side demo. The syntax is record {demoname} and then connect to the server. The recording does not start until you are connected and stops automatically after you disconnect.

5. Does WinQuake use Direct3D/will it take advantage of my 3D accelerator?

No, WinQuake does not use Direct3D and thus does not take advantage of your 3D accelerator card's features. John Carmack has scrapped the Direct3D version in favor of the OpenGL version of Quake known as GLQuake, which is a windows application as well. The best card for GLQuake is a 3dfx Voodoo based card (Diamond Monster 3D or Orchid Righteous 3D).

6. Is DirectX required to run WinQuake?

No, DirectX is not required to run WinQuake but sound performance will lag and higher resolutions will be slower not use it. Download Direct X 3.0a redistribution (6.3MB - be sure to run redist -d for the proper directories to be created). Alternatively you can get a smaller DirectX 3.0 end-user (3.4MB). Place in a temp directory and run directx -d to create the proper directories. You should make sure you have the latest version from Microsoft if you are seeing problems. Note, if you are running NT do NOT install these files. NT already has its own version of DirectDraw built in. Note, those that installed dx3small.exe only should get this new version! That small file does not contain the audio drivers and possibly other things as well. Spend a little extra time and get the 3.4MB version.

7. Does WinQuake have improved internet gaming over the DOS version?

WinQuake is a port of the DOS version and thus does not have any advantages other than what changes might have occurred from v1.06 to v1.07 of Quake. The only advantage it might have (slight) is that it does not have a kludged interface (Q95.bat, mpath) with Windows' TCP/IP protocol and that could improve performance slightly. There are definitely fewer problems as a result (no hangups on exit and other weird total Windows crashes). For improved internet play, check out Quakeworld.

8. I have Windows NT 3.51. Can I run Winquake?

Yes, but only in a Window and it won't be too fast since 3.51 does not have DirectDraw.

9. Will WinQuake work on my Windows NT NTFS partition?

WinQuake should not have a problem on any type of partition, FAT, NTFS, or otherwise.

10. Will WinQuake work as a dedicated server?

Yes, WinQuake will run as a dedicated v1.07 server using the -dedicated command line switch. You should actually run dedicated Winquake instead of winded now because in Mike Abrash's words, 'Winded is obsolete; use -dedicated.'

11. Can I play Modem-Modem or Direct connect (serial) games in WinQuake?

These networking options are not currently available in WinQuake.

12. Will my joystick work in WinQuake?

Yes. To calibrate your joystick, use the joystick applet in the Control Panel. Once you calibrate it there, you don't have to reset it every time you want to play WinQuake, which is better than the DOS version.

13. How come I can't get the middle button on my Logitech Mouse/Trackman to work? You need to run the mouse software in Control Panel and set the middle button to 'middle button' instead of double-click.

14. I want to change the memory it allocates. Why won't the -winmem switch work in WinQuake?

WinQuake is a Win32 application and allocates the proper amount of memory it needs at startup depending on the amount of memory in your system.

15. Why is the sound choppy?

Your resolution may be set too high for your computer to handle well. The choppiness starts at around 10 frames per second. Try lowering your resolution or shrink the viewing area while in quake with the - key. You may also need to mess with the sound settings or install DirectSound. See the readme for more info.

16. How do I use the mouse while playing WinQuake in a window?

When you select a windowed mode, the main options screen has a Use Mouse option that you can turn on and off. his option is automatically turned off when you switch from windowed to full screen mode.

17. Can I run Quake C mods such as Threewave CTF and Reaper Bot, etc.?

Yes, WinQuake has been tested with many Quake C mods, especially the most popular ones so you should not have any problems.

18. What are the memory requirements for WinQuake?

WinQuake requires 16MB memory minimum in Windows 95 just like the DOS version. At this time I do not know what the minimum is to run in NT since I have 32 megs of RAM, but it most likely is greater than 16MB.

19. Will Qhost 3.0 work with WinQuake?

Qhost does not work with WinQuake at this time. The author, Steve Otteson, says he knows how to make it work and needs assistance from id on the fix. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

20. My player just spins around when I get into WinQuake. What's wrong?

You need to either a) unplug your joystick, b) run WinQuake with the -nojoy switch on the command line, c) calibrate the joystick in the Control Panel applet for Joysticks, or d) add joystick 0 to your autoexec.cfg file.

21. How do I get WinQuake to work with Quake Spy?

Look under options for the Quake command line. Change that from to q95.bat to winquake.exe

22. How come my Verit´┐Ż card won't run at a resolution higher than 320x200?

There is a fix for the Sierra Screamin 3D card vesa2fix.exe that lets that card run in higher resolutions. It may also work with other brands of cards based on the same chip.